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Are you in need of a vignette? You can now order your vignette online on our website in less than 5 minutes. Your vignette will be delivered within less than 2 hours and will immediately be available. There is a 10 day, 2 month and annual vignette available.

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How to order a digital vignette for Austria?

Please click on the button “Order now” to be able to place your order for a digital vignette for Austria. Your digital vignette will be delivered to you online and is ready to use within less than 2 hours! Unlike other websites, on you don't need to take into account the 18-day consumer protection period. This means you don't need to order your digital vignette 18 days ahead of your trip. You can place an order on our website at any desired moment and we will guarantee that your order will be ready within two hours.

In other words, there is no need to worry as orders are always quickly and automatically processed.

A 10-day vignette is already available for only £12,95.

Purchasing a vignette for Austria

Will you be travelling to Austria? It would be advisable to purchase a digital vignette before departure. Just fill out the order form and we will receive all the information necessary to process your order for a digital vignette for Austria. All orders will be processed automatically and your vignette will be available within less than 2 hours. You will receive your vignette and invoice by email. In a nutshell, it is one of the easiest way to access Austria. There are no strings attached.

What is a digital vignette?

Since 2017, it has been possible to make use of the Austrian expressways and motorways through a digital vignette. In the past it was exclusively possible to purchase physical vignette, which had to be attached to the vehicle's window. In contrast, a digital vignette is always linked to your number plate and indicates that road tax has been paid.

Vignettes are required for all vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, driving on motorways and expressways across Austria. Vehicles which weight 3.5 tonnes or more require a “Go-Box”.

Upon placing your order, a digital vignette will be linked to your number plate. This means that your number plate has been registered in the Austrian database and, hence, will automatically be recognized by any barrier at any toll booth. This means that one can choose any toll lane at any toll station and the barriers will open automatically. Moreover, another advantage is the fact that during inspections, it can be quickly assessed whether you have purchased a digital vignette or not.

The following types of digital vignettes are available: 10-day vignette, 2-month vignette or an annual vignette. Depending upon your chosen time frame (i.e. date of arrival and date of departure), you can access Austria by means of a digital vignette.

For what kind of roads would a digital vignette be required?

(Digital) Vignettes are required for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes which would like to make use of the Austrian motorways and express ways. In addition to a vignette, there are certain roads which are rather expensive in terms of maintenance. Therefore, additional fees can apply to vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes. This is often referred to as a “route section toll” or “route rates”, indicating that an additional “section toll” is required.
 The section toll can be paid on site.

To the following routes an additional fee, i.e. route section toll, applies:

  • A9 - Phyrn motorway Gleinalm and Bosruck tunnel
  • A10 - Tauern motorway Katschberg tunnel
  • A11 - Karawanken motorway
  • A13 - Brenner motorway
  • S16 - Arlberg expressway

Lead time & costs - Digital Vignette for Austria

Would you like to order a vignette for Austria? It possible to purchase a digital vignette on our website. This is a rather time-saving process as your digital vignette will be available within less than 2 hours. You will receive your vignette and invoice by email. Hence, it is no longer required to affix a toll sticker to your windscreen. There are different payment methods available:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Apple Pay

Different types of digital vignettes are available. Depending upon the validity of the vignette, different prices do apply:

  • 10-day vignette for only £18.95
  • 2-month vignette for only £37.95
  • Annual vignette for only £104.95

Required road safety tools

While travelling through Austria, it is required to be in possession of certain road safety tools. You need to have these with you at all times while driving through Austria. For example, people need to be in possession of one high visibility warning vest per person. Moreover, you must also be in possession of a warning triangle and a first aid kit in case of an accident or breakdown. Please keep in mind that everyone is obligated to provide first aid in case of emergency. Furthermore, it would be advisable to check whether other countries uphold additional requirements regarding road safety tools.

Are you passing through?

Are you passing through to go to other countries? Please keep in mind that you must purchase a digital vignette for most countries. If you would like to apply for other e-vignettes, go Here you will also find more information about the vignette for Austria.